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"Dance Africa... Dance to the Rhythm"

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Founder and CEO

My name is Abraham Paddy Tetteh.  I am the founder, CEO and leader of Dance Africa Foundation.  Since 2009 I have worked very hard with my group to create a show that will inspire audiences through music and well choreographed dance to give the highest standard of performance available.  I have been playing drums from the age of 12 and gave my first performance at the age of 14 at the Center for National Culture, Accra, Ghana.  It was around this time that I also became interested in Dance, learning Ghanaian traditional dances including Agbekor, Bamaya and Jera to name a few.

At the age of 19, I began to learn the skill of making my own drums and can proudly say that all drums used in Dance Africa Foundation are made with my own hands. 

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Dance Africa Foundation can offer performances both in Ghana and internationally, providing dance and music performances for schools, parties, festivals or any other events you may wish. 

We also provide a comprehensive dance and drumming workshop class which is fun and educational for people of all ages.  To find out more about booking Dance Africa Foundation please contact us at:

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Dance Africa Foundation are a leading group of musicians and dancers based in Accra, Ghana.  We specialize in performing shows both nationally and internationally using traditional dance, singing and music.  Since the groups formation in 2009, Dance Africa Foundation has enjoyed performances in many countries all over the world including visits to Thailand, Russia, France, England, Scotland, Belarus, Japan and Taiwan bringing the joy of African rhythms to all who attended.

Here at Dance Africa Foundation, we also provide workshops to teach the way of traditional African dance and drumming  to people of all ages... our previous students range from 2 years old to 60+.

These workshops offer the experience to learn directly how to play traditional rhythms and learn the history behind them, thus giving a rounded educational experience.